Our Team


David Roper is a community activist and President of The Green Haven Project. He feeds the homeless and gives back to the community by putting on youth events. He and his team run successful programs such as teaching the youth how to grow their food and mentoring children within the community.


Jorge, also known as "BE," is one of the proud founders of the Overtown Green Haven community Garden and vice president of the Green Haven Project Inc. It brings him great joy to BE united with exceptional people willing to do the necessary to accomplish the changes they so vigorously seek. His two passions are growing plants and teaching. He loves to share his knowledge while giving credits to the Most High. For Jorge, BEing able to share his expertise and provide food sovereignty for those in need is essential. His heart goes towards working with the youth and finds gratification in their eagerness to learn, not to mention the families that benefit from the process. His end goal is to greenify Earth and equip youth for Leadership positions, mainly to see all thriving and turning to the Original Source of all creation!


T'Keyah is a Green Haven Project co-founder, Dietitian, and CFO. She is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist in Florida and a former NCAA and international athlete. She enjoys helping others achieve optimal health and to become the best version of themselves! T'Keyah has dedicated her career to Public Health, nutrition education, and plant-based nutrition. She continues to bridge the gap between plant-based nutrition and medical care, while helping the community gain access to healthy foods.  


Shanta Maraj is the secretary at the Green Haven Project. She is an aspiring elementary school teacher also pursuing a masters degree in nonprofit management at the University of Central Florida. She is excited about sustainable living, the environment and childhood education. The garden allows her to tap into all her passions while giving back to her community in a meaningful way. Shanta also has several years of experience in the non-profit sector both on the administrative and volunteer side having worked and volunteered at a number of local nonprofits in the Miami area.

In 2018, the Overtown Green Haven Project was created to bring awareness to a huge economic issue in one of Miami's oldest neighborhoods. Once a thriving historic center for commerce in the black community, Overtown is now considered a food desert. Green Haven Project aims to empower local residents in the pursuit of obtaining healthy, fresh, local, and affordable food. To end this crisis, GHP provides residents with a space to learn and to grow their own food and sense of community. Urban fruit and vegetable gardening has been proven to help fight back against racism, poverty, social injustice, and gentrification. Our goal is to create a more resilient Overtown community that can withstand the pressures placed on it presently and in the future. Each month, the food harvested from the garden is used to feed the homeless community in Overtown and bring all members of the community together for a day of giving. 

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